Choosing the right CCTV Installation company

Choosing the right CCTV Installation company

When deciding on a company to enter your home and install CCTV, it’s important to consider many factors first. The average time spent by an installer inside your property can range from anything between 4 – 8 hours. This is a long time for any stranger to be inside and around your home around your personal belongings. Therefore, choosing the right company is crucial not only to ensure they are trustworthy but also they are competent in doing the job.

Does the CCTV company you’re looking at check out? Here are some facts about us :

✔️ £10m Public Liability Insurance [certificate]
✔️ Enhanced DBS / CRB Check [checked by Essex County Council]
✔️ Trading Standards Approved [requirements]
✔️ Certified Installer of Hikvision CCTV [certificate]
✔️ Open Feedback / Review Policy on Facebook & Google [our reviews]
✔️ Fixed Prices, No Surprises [learn more]

In addition to the above, we are a Registered Limited Company with Companies House in England & Wales [09934715]

Our company director can easily be found online [LinkedIn Profile]

Ever wondered why the other companies you’re researching do not have such an online presence? You can find us across all social media platforms.

Still not convinced? Give us a call for some friendly advice : 0800 772 0822

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