March Madness CCTV Giveaway Offer (Ended)

Welcome to the first of our Giveaway Offers. Depending on how successful this is, we plan on doing an event every month with a new prize to be won each time. Enter below for your chance to win a 2 Camera Hikvision CCTV system fully installed in your home. More details on the system can be seen here : 2 Camera Hikvision 960H System You can upgrade the system, but this will be charged for. The prize giveaway is for the [...]


Discounted installation for victims of crime

Have you been a victim of crime in the last 3 months? Burglary is one of the most common types of crime. Around half a million burglaries take place in England and Wales each year and although, incidents have thankfully been decreasing in recent years, it remains a serious and very common crime that affects huge numbers of people. Burglaries can happen in many different ways. You may have been away from home at the time, maybe someone tricked their way into [...]

Can I Protect My Business From My Smart Phone?

Watch Your Business From Your iPhone / Android or other mobile device. Protecting a business is never an easy task. As the business owner, you have numerous issues to worry about including what each of your employees is doing at all times, what the visitors to your premises are up to, as well as the hazards within the facility that might endanger human safety. If you are present within the facility, you can easily get a feel of what is [...]

CCTV Support Forum Launched!

We are pleased to announce that the CCTV Support Forum has now been launched and is ready for you to jump right in and post your questions, ideas and experiences. The forum is still very new, in fact it's brand new. So there probably won't be much going on in there at the moment, but please do pop by, register yourself a free account and be part of the community. The idea of the forum is to share ideas and experiences [...]

Welcome to our brand new journey

Welcome to our website and our exciting new journey. CCTV Aware was formed after realising that there was a need for quality, reliable and affordable CCTV systems in homes across Essex and London. The market is currently saturated with different CCTV systems. These systems often range from a few hundred pounds to several thousand pounds. High street stores sell systems that are simply not fit for purpose, yet they are able to get away with charging thousands of pounds for [...]