CCTV Installation for Casablanca Cheer & Gymnastics

We came recommended to Casablanca Cheer & Gymnastics in Loughton, Essex to install a WiFi Point in the viewing gallery as well as survey the premises for CCTV.

At the time of contacting us, the premises was undergoing a complete renovation, following the new acquisition from Casablanca CGT. This meant that we were able to liaise with the site manager to discreetly hide cables within ceilings and wall cavities in locations that CCTV cameras were to be placed.

A total of seven cameras were proposed, with one of these being the Hikvision Fisheye camera. This Fisheye camera was proposed due to the nature of one particular room being in the shape of a J. Rather than installing multiple cameras in this one room, the Fisheye is able to cover the entire area using one camera.

In addition to this, we were contracted to install a Fonera WiFi router in the viewing gallery. This meant that customers are able to access a Free WiFi hotspot, without compromising on their own internet security.

If you’d like to benefit from our CCTV Installation in Loughton services, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 772 0822.

Here are the results:

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