CCTV Installation in Hornchurch

We were asked to complete a CCTV Installation in Hornchurch for this newly decorated home. The customer found us on Facebook after seeing our 5* reviews.

The owner had previously installed a Swann CCTV system purchased from Maplin. This system was just not up to the standards of property that it was protecting. Nor were the internal hardware components designed for continuous CCTV use. This is often the case with ‘off the shelf’ systems, especially those purchased from places such as Maplin.

The customer wanted a professionally fitted CCTV system that he could rely on, especially when it came to remote viewing. The previous Swann system kept failing to provide a signal to the mobile phone, due to the many IP conflict issues these systems face.

We recommended our Hikvision Digital IP range along with a camera with audio for the porch area. We were able to configure a static remote viewing connection which meant that the customer could view his CCTV at all times, regardless of IP changes.

If you would like to benefit from our CCTV Installation in Hornchurch services, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 772 0822.

Here are the results:

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