Crime Prevention

Always double lock uPVC doors

UPVC multi-point locking doors have a central lock that engages further hooks or bolts when the handle is turned. There is a common belief among people that if they pull up the handle, the door is securely locked and no one from the outside can gain entry into their homes, as a result. Unfortunately, this cannot be any further from the truth. The only way to safely lock UPVC doors is to double lock the door. Always Double Lock UPVC [...]


Burglary Prevention Advice and Security Checklist

Burglary is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Every 20 seconds a house gets broken in on a global scale. More often than not, these crimes occur during the daytime when properties are empty. There are several factors that can draw a potential burglar to a particular property, such as an open window, which can be easily noticed from across the street, acting as an open invitation. The good news is you can make your property less susceptible to burglaries by following these [...]