Discount for Ford Owners in Essex

Do you own a ford? More than 80 vehicle crimes have been recorded in Basildon, Essex in the past three months (July – September 2015), with Fiestas being a prime target. The vehicles are being targeted for alloy wheels and bumpers although entire vehicles are also being stolen. Discount for Ford Owners Seeing as we’re an Essex based company, we’d like to prevent these crimes from occurring by encouraging you to install CCTV around your home to protect your vehicles. We’re offering a [...]


Free 1TB Hard drive upgrade throughout May (Ended)

This month (May 2015), we are upgrading all Hikvision Analogue CCTV systems from 500GB to 1TB for FREE. The offer is simple and requires no coupon codes or complicated hurdles. Simply order your CCTV System and selected the 500GB base model. We will automatically upgrade your Hikvision DVR unit to a 1TB hard drive FREE of charge. All you need to do is make your booking throughout May 2014. The installation date doesn’t have to be in May, but so [...]


Discounted installation for victims of crime

Have you been a victim of crime in the last 3 months? Burglary is one of the most common types of crime. Around half a million burglaries take place in England and Wales each year and although, incidents have thankfully been decreasing in recent years, it remains a serious and very common crime that affects huge numbers of people. Burglaries can happen in many different ways. You may have been away from home at the time, maybe someone tricked their way into [...]