How secure is your shed?

How secure is your shed?

When thinking about home security many people concentrate on measures that deter burglars from entering their house, which is a natural priority. Installing alarms and CCTV systems does have the desired effect because experienced thieves don’t want to be disturbed by an alarm, or get caught on CCTV.

But spotting an alarm or camera doesn’t automatically mean a thief will just walk away from your property. They might also spot an easier opportunity: an unprotected garage or shed.

Burglars know garages and sheds are likely to contain tools and bikes, which can be quickly sold and tend to fetch a worthwhile second-hand price. They also know there’s a good chance that garages and sheds won’t be alarmed.

You may think fitting a padlock is a deterrent. It is a delaying tactic, but if it’s your only defence then it won’t offer much protection against a determined thief with the right equipment. And even if the burglar can’t break the padlock, forcing open roof panels is not an uncommon trick.

So what can you do to keep the contents of your shed safe? The following tips are definitely worth considering.

  • If you have expensive bikes or tools it makes sense to invest in a high quality, sturdy shed to keep them in.
  • Install an alarm.
  • Install motion sensor garden lights.
  • Think about the location of your shed. Would burglars be shielded by shrubbery or trees? If you have CCTV does it cover entry points?
  • Make sure doors and windows are as secure as possible by fitting quality locks.
  • Cover glass with window film so it’s harder to smash.
  • Put a wire cage in your shed and store the larger items of high value in it. The thief may think it’s too risky to spend the extra time getting to them.
  • Don’t use screws to fit your hinges use coach bolts instead – they’re more secure.
  • Keep your power tools in a locked box that’s fixed to either the shed floor or wall.
  • Attach high value items to a strong, thick cable that’s anchored to the floor. A quality padlock will pose a further delay, which may prove too much for a burglar who knows speed is of the essence.Here at CCTV Aware we know how important home security is for peace of mind. We’re a family firm and experts in the field, so if you’d like to talk about the best ways to discourage burglars then please give us a call on 0800 772 0822.

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