Bosch Home Security Light Upgrade

Eyes – the intelligent outdoor camera with ambient lighting

The Bosch Smart Eyes outdoor camera enables you to combine reliable property surveillance with atmospheric exterior lighting – a brilliant example of increased safety for your home.

Wherever you are, the Eyes outdoor camera keeps you posted on what is happening around your home. The smart, high-resolution camera can be easily installed in place of an exterior light. No special connections are required. Once installed, it keeps an eye on the surroundings and provides you with high quality videos through the Bosch Smart Camera app. The camera’s intelligent sensors ensure that it does not react to movements of trees or pets. It only records events that are actually significant. Additionally, you can use it as an intercom. It also looks great as an exterior light thanks to its high-end design.


Bosch Smart Eyes Security Light


Bosch Smart Eyes Security Light

Safety and design: Right outside your front door

  • Smart: Connected to your smartphone by the Bosch Smart Camera app
  • Intelligent: Only records relevant events thanks to integrated motion sensors
  • High-resolution: Provides Full HD colour images within a range of 10 metres, 24/7
  • Audio : Built in Microphone and Speaker for two way audio.
  • Versatile: Serves simultaneously as intercom and exterior light
  • Decorative: Enhances the look of the house wall with its high-end design and integrated sensors
  • Smart Notifications: Alerts you when someone is outside.
  • Straightforward: Can be installed in by us in just one hour.

How clear is the footage?

How to I order this amazing light?

The Bosch Smart Eyes outdoor camera can be ordered from our website by visiting here : Bosch Smart Eyes Security Light Camera

Once you have placed your order, you will be redirected to our installation diary where you can select a ‘two hour’ installation window of your choice.

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