Can I Protect My Business From My Smart Phone?


Watch Your Business From Your iPhone / Android or other mobile device.
Protecting a business is never an easy task. As the business owner, you have numerous issues to worry about including what each of your employees is doing at all times, what the visitors to your premises are up to, as well as the hazards within the facility that might endanger human safety. If you are present within the facility, you can easily get a feel of what is happening and take immediate charge of any incidences. However, the situation changes if you have to leave the business premises for whatever reason, business or otherwise.

The Need For Remote Surveillance
Being away from your business – whether it is for a few hours, days or weeks – could pose serious challenges for your business. When you are away, your employees might decide to relax from their normal roles and instead focus on non-productive activities. Any sign of laxity from your employees may in turn encourage criminals such as shoplifters to target your business. In short, everything can go terribly wrong when you are not around. Fortunately, we have a solution to this – setting up a remote surveillance application to allow you to monitor your business from any location. With this solution, you can watch your business when on the move or even half-way around the world.

Protect My Business From My Smart Phone – Is It Possible?
All of our CCTV DVR Systems allow you to login to your business network using a wide variety of devices including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. As such, you don’t have to worry about your employees engaging in mischief or stealing from you simply because you are not physically present at the workplace to check their conduct.

How Do I Protect My Business From My Smart Phone?
All of our HIKVISION systems come with this functionality as standard. We can help you configure the system to enable monitoring through your mobile device. You will need to install an appropriate app to allow the viewing, however we can advise and recommend which one is best depending on your mobile platform.

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