Christmas 2016 CCTV Giveaway Winner Secured!

Today we were able to secure the winner of our Christmas CCTV Giveaway! The competition was won by Sue Grindy, however Sue decided that she wanted to donate the system to her daughter Leanne as she had her vehicle broken into on the approach to Christmas!

It was our pleasure meeting with Leanne form Pitsea in Essex today and being able to secure her property with a 2 x Analogue HD CCTV system for free!

Now Leanne feels much safer at home knowing that her property is covered with HD CCTV! Her exact phrase was “I used to never believed in competitions or giveaways, but this has certainly made me believe in them – I’m certainly very happy”

We think the smiley face below proves how happy she was to have her home secured!

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Christmas 2016 Giveaway Winner
Christmas 2016 Giveaway Winner
Christmas 2016 Giveaway Winner

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