Dome vs Turret vs Bullet

When deciding to have a professional CCTV installation, there are many things that the installer will need to consider when visiting your property. One of those, is the type of camera required.

There are three main types of cameras available for installation today. They are known as the Dome, Turret (aka Eyeball) and Bullet.

Each camera type has pros and cons. Choosing the right one should be based on the individual scenario and environment requirements as best assessed by a professional installer / engineer. The decision on camera type should not be based solely on ‘looks’ alone as this defeats the object of having a security system that is fit for purpose.

During this Dome vs Turret vs Bullet write up, the cameras we are using are those from Hikvision. Some of the pros and cons here are subject to change when newer camera designs are produced by the manufacturer. This information is correct at the time of writing.

If you are still unsure what camera is best for your property, get in touch with us so we can provide you with a free assessment and quotation.

Dome vs Turret vs Bullet
Dome vs Turret vs Bullet

Hikvision Dome Camera

The Dome camera is one of the most popular choices around, the most common type of camera that you are likely to see in modern installations. Why? This camera offers an amazing vandal proof ability as the lens is fully covered in a vandal proof glass dome. The cover is then secured using  3 x torx screws and the design and construction is all metal.

Highly vandal proof.
Smaller form factor (vs Turret).
SD Card inside (backup storage)

Prone to IR bounce (small dots during night time mode)
Water droplets blurring lens (if mounted vertically)

Hikvision Turret Camera

The Turret or ‘Eyeball’ camera is becoming the more preferred camera of choice amongst professionals. This camera offers the same high quality imagery of the dome, but without the pitfalls caused by the glass housing. These cameras also have an EXIR which is Hikvision’s ‘Extended IR’. This is a single IR glass to the side of the lense, as opposed to the traditional ring of leds.

No IR Bounce (small dots during night time mode).
Can be mounted vertical or horizontal.
Available in Dark Grey.
Extended IR Capability.

Less vandal proof than dome.
Slightly larger form factor vs dome (about 5%).
No SD Card inside (backup storage)

Hikvision Bullet Camera

The Bullet or ‘Shoebox’ camera is the camera you would traditionally expect to see in a busy City Centre, on the top of a high pole watching the town and large crowds. This camera is not very popular for home owners as it can often look unsightly and doesn’t offer anymore benefits vs the Dome or Turret in a home installation scenario. Because its shape and size, the body can house large zoom capabilities and extended IR. This camera choice is more popular for commercial and rural installations where lighting is poor.

High zoom capabilities.
Extended IR.
Highly visible? (subjective)

Unsightly in residential installations.
Largest form factor.
Restricted Angles due to body.
Prone to wildlife nesting.

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