eBay System vs CCTV Aware

The discussion of CCTV systems, where to buy them and what is the most cost effective solution is something that pops up all the time. We decided to do a write up on this very subject to put a few things straight and make things a little more clearer for you.

At the end of the day, you are entitled to purchase whatever you like, from where ever you like. Hopefully this write up makes that decision making process for you less stressful.

eBay System vs CCTV Aware
eBay (£149 – DIY) : 2 1000TVL CCTV Cameras 4 Channel DVR System 500GB HDD Complete Kit Plug&Play P2P

CCTV Aware (£299 – fitted) : 2 Camera Hikvision 960H 1200TVL HD CCTV System (Installed)

Firstly, an area you should consider is the quality of the cameras. This not only includes how many TV Lines (TVL) / resolution but also the build quality and robustness of those cameras.


Our cameras are vandal and water proof, meaning that you will not have any problems with the great British weather or the very unsightly visitors you are trying to keep away.

We use Sony CMOS sensors inside our cameras. There is no reference to the chip used inside the ones from eBay, but we can only assume they are a lower quality budget chip from China, otherwise they would promote the use of good parts

We are able to supply black, white or grey cameras to suit your home or business. You are often limited with eBay to one colour which is often the wrong colour and sticks out on your property like an eye sore.

eBay: 1000TVL
CCTV Aware: 1200TVL (winner)

Secondly, the DVR (recorder unit) is something that powers your cameras, the software to control them and also the technology behind the mobile viewing solution.

The systems mentioned in are analog, that means the highest capable resolution that can reach is 960H. The systems sold on eBay are D1 which is 30% lower quality than that of 960H or WD1 as it is also referred to. So, taking resolution alone into consideration, here is an example:

960H Example

Quality alone shouldn’t be the only deciding factor when purchasing an electronics equipment. Company heritage, history and the amount of research and development gone into each product should be taken into consideration. So far, all the devices we have seen on eBay are unbranded, or at the very least contain a brand that is unbeknown to any respectful security company in the UK. This not only causes problems with support but limits the life of the unit for future upgrades and repairs if required.

The DVR units we supply are Hikvision. They are the worlds largest supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. Established in 2001, Hikvision employs over 13,000 employees, including a research and development staff of more than 4,000. You can be sure that you are buying a product that comes with a solid background and will not break after a few weeks.

eBay: D1
CCTV Aware: 960H / WD1 (winner)

Thirdly, an area that is not black and white like the above examples is that of experience, knowledge and support.

When you purchase an item from eBay, it could last you for a lifetime. Then again, it could last you a few months. Where is the support for that item? How do you go about returning it for repairs? Upgrades? Telephone support?

What about tools? Do you have sufficient tools, fixtures and fittings to ensure you secure and reliable installation?

We are experienced in dealing with CCTV and Alarm systems. With years of experience and knowledge that is shared amongst fellow CCTV engineers is something you simply can not put a price on.

As stated in the beginning of this article, the decision is completely yours. But consider this, based on the example of the two systems listed here the cost difference is £150 to have a system that is far more advanced and includes a professional installation. How much do you value the safety and security of your home, your car, your family? We’d argue that home security is an investment worth taking some serious consideration into before making any choice.

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