Hikvision DS-7600/7700 I, K, E Series Network Video Recorder Firmware Released!

The latest Hikvision DS-7600 & DS-7700 series Firmware V3.4.96 (170921) has just been released and is available to download from the Hikvision Portal!

This is for those customers with the 7600 & 7700 Based Digital IP system’s.

Hikvision Europe Portal – Download

We strongly recommend our CCTV Maintenance plan that provides full support for firmware updates during every visit. This ensures your devices remain secure, efficient and ahead of the curve.

Firmware Upgrade
New Features
1. [System Service]
(1) Delete PSIA server/client protocol;
(2) User can disable/enable RTSP protocol (only valid for server mode when client receives stream from NVR) and choose RTSP authentication type between digest and digest & basic.
(3) User can disable/enable ISAPI protocol;
(4) User can disable/enable HTTP protocol and choose HTTP authentication type between digest and digest & basic;
(5) User can disable/enable SADP protocol;
(6) User can disable/enable IP camera occupation detection, when this function is enabled, NVR will detect whether IP camera is already connected to other device/client.
(7) NVR’s device parameters will be encrypted by user’s custom encrypt key, encrypt key is required when user imports it;
(8) Exported IP camera parameters no longer contain IP camera password;
(9) Hik-Connect stream encryption function is opened by default.

Full change log here : PDF

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