Hikvision Port Forwarding and Networking Details

Having trouble with your Hikvision remote viewing capability because of the DVR Port Forwarding in the router? You will need to open up the following ports :

HTTP Port = 80
Server Port = 8000
RTSP Port = 554
HTTPS Port = 443

It is only necessary to open TCP ports from the above range as Hikvision products do not use UDP for communications. We would advise that you turn off the ‘Enable DHCP’ functionality from within the DVR / NVR and also untick the ‘Enable UPnP’ option from the NAT menu. – This will ensure you can manually select your IP, bind that to the Mac address and reserve the IP from within your router for future use. Just remember to follow these procedures again if you ever change the router.

We would recommend using the following DNS servers :

Preferred DNS Server =
Alternate DNS Server =

Bare in mind however, *some* internet providers may block the use of Public DNS. If that’s the case, then simply enter the router’s gateway as the DNS server.

How you open each of these ports will differ based on your router make and model, but as a guide for some of the more popular internet providers, to access the gateway / admin area you will need to enter the following IP into your web browser, ideally Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

VirginMedia =
Sky =
BT =

Whilst you’re in the settings of the DVR, if you require an NTP server to ensure your clock is always accurate, feel free to use = time.google.com

Remember, if all else fails – we can remotely configure your router for you. See here for more info : Hikvision DVR Port Forwarding Remote Fix

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