Hikvision Smart AI Cloud CCTV Systems

Smart CCTV
Cloud-edge integration is the next big thing in video surveillance. The video above explains Hikvision AI Cloud as an intelligent IoT architecture and the core of an upcoming AI ecosystem in particular within the commercial and industrial marketplace.

The new 7-line series harnesses the power of Hikvision’s Deep Learning AI solution, and in conjunction with Hikvision’s Deep in Mind network video recorder, offers facial capture, human body detection, ANPR, heat mapping and queue management and more in real time – with great performance.

Supporting both H.265 and H.265+ compression, these new cameras decrease the load on networking infrastructure and reduce storage requirements. Hikvision is leading the market in AI and these cameras are the next step in providing actionable video content and analysis for all market verticals.

What next?
As with all technology, Hikvision is no different. In time, the technology will become more widely available, more mass produced and as such, lower in price. This will benefit our main customer base – residential properties. Soon, home owners will be able to benefit from all the benefits of AI in their professionally installed home CCTV system.

Click here to see the Hikvision 2018 AI Cloud World Summit: SHAPING INTELLIGENCE video on YouTube.

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