How to install Hikvision iVMS-4500 HD on a Smart TV

So you have a Smart TV and want to install apps, apps and more apps. You also have a Hikvision CCTV system and want to install another app, in particular iVMS-4500 so that you can view your cameras on your Smart TV that is not connected directly via a cable such as HDMI or VGA.

Can it be done? The short answer is ‘yes’ – but be warned that its not simple, nor is it as ‘smooth’ as you would expect it to be on a mobile device.

Tested Using:
Hikvision NVR (DS7716NI-I4/16P) – although in theory the DVR / NVR doesn’t really matter.
Sony Bravia KD43XD8305BU Smart 4K TV
iVMS-4500 HD (V4.0.0)

Hardware Required:
USB Memory Stick
USB Mouse
Android Phone

If you don’t have an Android phone, you many also need a USB Keyboard and a USB HUB.

Software Required:
iVMS-4500 HD (Download from here)
File Commander for Android (Can be downloaded officially on TV)

The Sony Bravia KD43XD8305BU is a Smart TV that runs the Android platform, so I thought that surely we are already halfway there to install an Android app. However, opening the Google Play store on the TV does not display the iVMS-4500 app as it’s not technically supported for the Android TV platform, which in theory is still Android underneath, but themed to work on a larger display – the TV.

Knowing that APK files (the extension of Android Apps) could be found online by searching Google and even from Hikvision’s Portal. I decided to download iVMS-4500 initially, however this runs with the rotation the wrong way on the TV (portrait), so I suggest going straight for the HD version which is designed for tablet devices. (landscape)

You will need to download File Commander for Android (Can be downloaded officially on TV). Now insert the USB stick into the TV and ensure the ‘Allow installing unknown apps’ is ticked in the security settings. Then, using File Commander – locate the APK on the USB stick and install the app on the TV, like you would with any normal app on Android. By default, the app still does not show up on the main home screen view as it’s not designed for the TV. You can either install a custom home launcher OR go to your settings, then applications … then select iVMS-4500 HD and chose ‘open’.

This is where it gets tricky as the TV’s remote control does not actually work properly at this stage so it’s pretty useless. You will need to plug in a USB mouse, which then presents you with a mouse pointer to make life slightly easier. With the mouse, you’re able to select the ‘Region’ then enter the ‘Devices’ section of the app.

However, you can’t use the mouse or the remote control to enter any of the details within the app. Now, you have two options. Either plug in a USB Keyboard OR install Android TV Remote on your phone. With the app installed on your phone and paired with your TV, you can use the phone’s keyboard to enter all the required settings. I would highly recommend that you connect using the local IP (192.168.x.x) of the NVR / DVR. Click save with the mouse then you’re good to go. You know have the iVMS-4500 HD app installed on your Smart TV!

The general operation of the app can be a bit laggy and sometimes clunky, however this could simply be because the TV doesn’t have enough RAM to support the amount of cameras streaming through. Maybe the tech team at Hikvision can design an official Android TV app?! (Hello??)

Hopefully you have found this guide useful and it saves you the 3-4 hours it took me trying to figure out a way to get around this.

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