Integrate Hikvision IP Camera with Gogogate2 Garage Opener

Integrate Hikvision IP Camera with Gogogate2 Garage Opener

Integrate Hikvision IP Camera with Gogogate2 Garage Opener

We fitted an electric garage door to our property back in 2011. Fast forward to 2016 and the requirement for that door to be opened ‘remotely’ then became more relevant.
We receive many deliveries throughout the week and with such a busy schedule, it is not always possible to meet with the courier to receive the parcels. This results in missed parcels, delays and ultimately time out of the day having to re-arrange for those parcels to be redelivered.

To install a Wi-Fi enabled smart garage door opener so that the door can be opened remotely by anyone with the desired access. After having looked around the market for a product we would feel comfortable using for our own project, we decided to go with the Gogogate2. We were impressed with the development of this device and the openness for integration with IP cameras and application platforms such as IFTTT.

We searched for a UK seller of the device and found that Henderson Garage Doors were listed as an official UK distributor. So after speaking to the very friendly Sarah she was able to despatch one out for us that arrived just a few days later.

Gogogate2 Device
Inside the box was the following :

Integrate Hikvision IP Camera with Gogogate2 Garage Opener

1 x Gogogate 2 controller
3 x pre-assembled cables
1 x UK power adaptor
1 x USB WiFi adaptor
1 x Quickstart Guide

We had to purchase the wired magnetic sensor separately. This is required so the device can identify the current status of the garage door.

Garage Door Requirements
The instructions provided are written for garage doors with a ‘switch’ attached to the control unit. For the purpose of this installation, our garage door didn’t have a ‘up / down’ switch, so after talking to the manufacturers Auto-Roll in the UK we were provided with some helpful information by Jim stating terminals 11 & 13 were the ones required to tap into to emulate a switch relay.

Gogogate2 Installation
The actual installation of the Gogogate2 device was relatively simple. We found we spent more time making the install neat and tidy, as opposed to the actual time spent installing the device to our existing control box.

Integrate Hikvision IP Camera with Gogogate2 Garage Opener
Integrate Hikvision IP Camera with Gogogate2 Garage Opener
Integrate Hikvision IP Camera with Gogogate2 Garage Opener

Hikvision IP Camera Installation
At this point, the camera was plugged directly into the NVR along with the seven other cameras. This will become more relevant further on, when we explain how the actual integration worked.

Integrate Hikvision IP Camera with Gogogate2 Garage Opener

Gogogate2 Supported IP Cameras
The Gogogate website provides a list of supported IP Cameras, unfortunately, our preferred option of HIKVISION was not shown as a supported camera.

Not content with this, we decided to work out the best way to retrieve the feed from our garage installed DS-2CD2132-I camera to display within the Gogogate2 app on our mobile device. The app itself and the support team at Gogogate suggested that RTSP was not supported so instead we should use the following string :

Replace IPADDRESS for the IP of your camera
Replace [USERNAME] for the login of your camera , without []
Replace [PASSWORD] for the password of your camera, without [].
Integrate Hikvision IP Camera with Gogogate2 Garage Opener

These settings simply did not work. They didn’t work within the app OR within a web browser during our testing.

Enter DVS Tech Support Team in particular a very big thanks to David Davies (Technical Manager at DVS Ltd) for helping us out, late at night with emails and ideas on how we could retrieve the required snapshot images from the camera to feed into the Gogogate2 app.

Integrating Hikvision IP Cameras with Gogogate2
The solution was identified and that was to do the following :

  1. Unplug the camera from the NVR and connect via a network switch.
  2. Add the camera back to the NVR, using the manual add method on the different IP range.
  3. Use the following string to access the snapshot images from the camera : http://[IPADDRESS]:[PORT]/PSIA/Streaming/channels/102/picture

It is worthwhile to mention that leaving the default HTTP port of that particular camera will cause you issues when trying to view from your external IP address. We suggest you change it to something completely out of range, to avoid the app trying to connect to the DVR directly, rather than the camera on the network switch.

Pulling the 102 apart means ‘Camera 1’ and the ‘Sub Stream’ (2) so 101 would mean Camera 1, main stream.

The Result

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