Maintained vs Non Maintained Camera Example (External)

You have wisely invested in a security system to protect your family, home and possessions. In order to ensure that your system will deliver the protection at all times it is important to keep it in good working order.

We have seen in many occasions where we have been called to a faulty system, unfortunately the fault has been found after a crime has been committed and the user wanted to view the footage, even worse than that is that the Police have requested the evidence and they were not able to provide it.

Your insurance company will usually require you to regularly maintain your security system. If you have not arranged appropriate cover your insurance claims may be invalid. In addition, all security systems that are Police calling or financed under a Lease Agreement must have a current service and maintenance contract.

All of our service contracts have been carefully created to provide you with peace of mind whilst also allowing an additional 12 months service and support. During the maintenance contract we will visit your property once every 12 months to carry out routine preventative maintenance in accordance with manufacturers specifications.

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Here is an example of a recent eyeball / dome camera system we maintained for a customer in Grays, Essex.

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