Rogue CCTV Installers in Essex

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When hiring any ‘professional’ to visit your property and carry out work, you entrust that their ability to do the work will be to the highest standard possible. Especially when you are paying that person / company to conduct the work, you expect them to be competent and honest in what they do.

Unfortunately, with the influx of ‘so called CCTV installers’ around, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right company.

We published an article recently on “Choosing the right CCTV Installation company” to help homeowners when looking for that right company. Sadly, not everyone finds the right company. When this happens professional companies such as CCTV Aware are then called in at a later stage to put right what was supposedly meant to be a ‘professional installation.

Here is an example of a poorly installed CCTV system in Harlow Essex that we had to put right. You will notice in the pictures that the previous installers took a ‘short cut’ route and slapped a junction box onto the surface area of the porch. No only does it look awful, but it also allows for intruders to access that part of the camera very easily. We re-routed the cabling for that camera and fixed it to the porch correctly, ensuring the integrity of the camera was safe, but also making the porch more aesthetically pleasing.

The video below also shows the poor installation of the camera onto woodwork. There were screws missing from the camera, silicone mastic was applied to try and hold the camera to wood! – Then to top it off, a junction box was just slapped on top for good measure 🙁

Rogue CCTV Installers in Essex
Rogue CCTV Installers in Essex
Rogue CCTV Installers in Essex

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