What is IR bounce back / haze?

We get a number of calls from customers experiencing problems with their dome CCTV cameras at night once the IR light has come into effect.

Often the conversation is “The cameras are clear during the day, but of a night-time it looks like there are spots around the view or it looks like there is condensation inside”

What is IR?
Firstly, to understand that infrared is an almost invisible thermal light that helps illuminate low light areas. Infrared works great because it’s mostly invisible by the human eyes ­ allowing low light footage without lighting the property using conventional lighting. The Hikvision dome style cameras will have have a small red glow on the LEDs. This is normal and is part of the wavelength IR cameras are on.

What happens?
Over time, water dust and debris build up on the lens of dome cameras will cause bounce back issues for the lens that is trying to see through the cover. If the camera is non maintained, the issue becomes progressively worse over time and can often cause small scratch marks on the done.

The solution?
The ideal solution would be to replace the dome camera with a ‘Turret‘ style one instead.

Regular cleaning and treatment of the dome will minimise the bounce back. Using a feather duster firstly to remove and cobwebs or dirt is recommended before using a microfibre cloth to clean the dome area with a non abrasive water solution.

Our annual CCTV Service plans can also assist with this, please click the link to see more details.

IR Haze Example
IR Haze Example
IR Haze Example

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