Winter Spider Season 2018

October is here…

Along with that come spiders.

The time of year is fast approaching, the evenings are getting shorter, the blankets are coming out and the heating is finally being switched on.

But what does that mean if you have CCTV? Spiders and cobwebs! Unfortunately those little spiders love the heat that is emitted from around the CCTV and as such they tend to form webs over the surface.

During the day, this often can’t be seen. However, come evening time with the IR vision, you will see a glowing white web over your lens. This can cause problems if you rely upon the night vision as it can distort the view.

What can I do?
We recommend you brush over the lens carefully with a feather duster. You can purchase extendible ones to make your job a little easier. Try and do this during the day so you can actually see what you’re doing.

You can also apply a spider repelling substance called ‘Spider EX’. We apply this substance by default after installing your cameras, but the rain and other weather elements can sometimes affect its protection.

You may need to do this a few times before they finally get the hint.

We also offer a yearly service plan that starts from just £69 per year which includes cleaning of all your cameras and re-applying the Spider EX and RainX protective barriers over your cameras. You can see the full details of our servicing plans here :

Until then, stay warm and stay safe.

The CCTV Aware Family.

CCTV Servicing Cobweb

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