Working together with Bellmont Security Systems

CCTV Aware & Bellmont Security Services

Working together
We’re a modern, friendly trading standards approved, family based CCTV company with a traditional customer based focus. We work for you by providing the best CCTV solutions around, and we’ll do whatever we can to make that experience unique. We’re small enough to care, but big enough to cope. Quite simply, we are CCTV experts, that provide CCTV Installation, consultancy, evidence retrieval, enhancement and maintenance services in the South East of England, including London, Essex, Kent and Hertfordshire.

However, we also understand that our customers like to have choice when it comes to securing their homes or businesses and often we are asked if we can provide Intruder (alarm) and Access Control systems. As a CCTV company at heart, we decided that providing those services would conflict with our mission. Therefore we had to identify a company that shared the same core values as us. That is; a family run, honest and certified approved installer. Once the company was identified, the owner / Director also had to share the same values as ours, because let’s face it – if a company is being run by an honest, passionate professional then the end user (customer) will reap the benefits.

Whilst there are many companies that meet that criteria, there was one company in particular that was in our radar. A company that covers all the major security disciplines and uses the latest technologies ensuring they provide up to date and state of the art Systems tailored to each individual. This company is Bellmont Security Systems Limited in Essex. The company is run by a professional man called Paul Thorogood. On meeting with Paul, it was clear from the beginning that he and I (Ahmet Deveci) shared the same passion in the industry. Between us, we have agreed that together we will provide our customers an even greater range of products whilst maintaining the same level of service.

About Bellmont Security Systems Limited
Bellmont Security Systems Ltd have 20 years security knowledge in the Installation, Service, and design of all aspects of the Electronic Security, in particular Intruder Alarms and Access Control. They have been established since 2014 and since starting they have been strictly vetted and approved by ‘CheckATrade‘ and earned accreditations which make them stand out from the crowd.

They offer installation, repairs and maintenance of the following services

Intruder Systems wired and wireless
Access Control
Fire Alarm Systems
Audio and Visual Door Entry Systems
Keyholder and Police response monitored alarm systems

Bellmont Security Systems are an accredited Member of the Security Systems and Alarms Inspectorate Board (SSAIB) for Intruder alarms and CCTV systems which means they are able to offer police response monitored intruder alarm systems. SSAIB Registration Number ESSX199

Bellmont Security are happy to take over existing Alarm systems and carry out repairs to them. However, like CCTV Aware – they do not undertake any works on DIY security systems (Yale, Response, Swann etc)

What does that mean now?
Both CCTV Aware Limited & Bellmont Security Systems Limited are operating independently of each other, but will be recommending each others services to customers when the need arises. For example, if a CCTV customer also requires an Alarm system to be installed – our default recommendation will be Bellmont Security Systems and vice versa. This ensures that the customer benefits from a trusted professional company no matter what service they require.

If contacting either company directly, please mentioned that you were recommended by either CCTV Aware OR Bellmont Security Systems.

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