Ajax Systems Announces New Products (2021)

On 20th May 2021, Ajax conducted the second Ajax Special Event, an online presentation of new devices and software developments. This time, the international sales team leaders presented powerful additions to the outdoor detector lineup, a flagship keypad, new software, and online tools.

DualCurtain Outdoor
To provide users with fast and accurate early intrusion detection, Ajax developed DualCurtain Outdoor, a wireless outdoor motion detector that guards a property perimeter. Ajax have combined two curtain motion detectors directed in opposite directions in one device. DualCurtain Outdoor has an unprecedented detection range of 30 meters and features Ajax patented technologies.

KeyPad Plus
In order to make security system management as simple as possible, Ajax integrated a contactless identification function into a keypad. The new wireless KeyPad Plus supports encrypted access devices: Ajax Pass and its compact version Tag. To change the security mode, a user just needs to present an access device to KeyPad Plus. These devices are equipped with an original DESFire® chip. The best-in-class contactless identification technology used by transport systems in European capitals and NASA access systems.

The combination of KeyPad Plus and Ajax Pass or Tag provides users with encrypted contactless identification and minimizes false alarms caused by errors when entering a passcode.

MotionCam Outdoor
Photo verification becomes a new norm in the security industry. This practical way of countering false alarms helps security companies and police significantly reduce unnecessary patrol dispatches. The new wireless outdoor motion detector with a camera — MotionCam Outdoor — recognizes a threat instantly and sends an animated series of photos in any weather, day or night.

MotionCam Outdoor takes photo verification to a dramatic new level. The best optics with HDR camera and IR backlight produces clear and sharp images. That helps a monitoring station operator to respond correctly in any circumstances.

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