Hikvision Camera Exploit Identified (September)

If you have a Digital IP Camera system that was installed prior to 1st October 2017, then please read to see if your system may be affected.

As with any ‘internet connected’ device, they can often be prone to malicious attacks from outsiders, especially if the device has not been updated or maintained with the latest firmware update.

This does not affect every Digital IP system, but it is specific to systems where a Network Switch has been used.

If your system was installed with a Network switch, and has not been updated to the latest firmware, you may be leaving your system vulnerable to being ‘deactivated’ by hackers.

Hikvision Launch All New 5MP Product Range
NETGEAR GS308P-100UKS 8-Port Gigabit Switch

What can I do?

In order to maintain the integrity of your system and cameras, a Firmware update needs to be applied to the camera.

There are a few options available to ensure you remain protected.

  1. You can do this yourself (competent users only)
  2. We can do this for you remotely (those with active maintenance plans)
  3. You can do nothing, and hope your system is not affected (not recommended)

If you would like us to perform the updates for you, but you do not have an active maintenance plan, you can read more and sign up here : Maintenance Plan

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