Pyronix Technical bulletin TB028 | Account Isolation with ProControl+

Pyronix have issued the following Technical Bulletin (TB028) in relation to ProControl+

ProControl+ requires account isolation

Due to compliance requirements, data held against accounts for ProControl+ can no longer be used when logging in to Hik-Connect or vice versa. Users will no longer be able to use Hik-Connect and ProControl+ with the same login details.

Whilst we expect this will impact a minority of customers which use both platforms, it is important that you are aware of the change and implications to advise your customers.

Scenario 1

Using ProControl+ and trying to log in to Hik-Connect with the same credentials.

Users will be asked to ‘transfer’ or ‘upgrade’ their account to a Hik-Connect account. If they do this, they will not be able to log in to ProControl+ again with those same credentials.

To continue using ProControl+, users should follow the steps below when trying to log in to Hik-Connect:

Step 1
Click  ‘Remind me next time’

Pyronix ProControl+

Step 2
Click  ‘More’

Pyronix ProControl+

Step 3
Click  ‘Logout’

Pyronix ProControl+

Please note: The only way to remedy this, if you or your customer has already clicked to ‘agree’ and ‘Confirm’, is to deregister the devices from the Hik-Connect account, and register them under a new account (which you will need to create) within ProControl+.

Scenario 2

Using Hik-Connect for cameras and migrating to ProControl+ for intrusion and video

Step 1

Remove devices from within the Hik-Connect app.

Step 2

Deactivate Hik-Connect account.

Step 3

Set up a separate ProControl+ account from within the ProControl+ app.

Step 4

Register the devices on ProControl+ account.

Both Hik-Connect and ProControl+ use the account system created by EZVIZ, a group company within the Hikvision family.

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