We’re now VAT Registered!

VAT Registered

Due to continued growth, CCTV Aware Limited is pleased to announce that as of 1st October 2017 we are Value Added Tax (VAT) Registered with HMRC.

What is VAT?
Value Added Tax (VAT) is levied on the sale of goods or services by UK businesses.

VAT is collected on behalf of HM Revenue & Customs by companies. A company pays VAT to HMRC by calculation the amount of VAT charged to customers minus any VAT they have paid on their own purchases.

Do I have to pay VAT?
Yes, VAT is a tax you pay on most goods and services. Unfortunately, we are obliged to charge 20% VAT on our goods, in order to adhere to the legal requirements set by the UK government.

How much is the VAT?
The standard rate of VAT is to 20% (https://www.gov.uk/vat-rates)

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