Black Friday Sale Event 2018 (Ended)

The Black Friday deals are now just days away and will land this coming Friday on 23rd November 2018.

So this year on the 23rd, we are offering a very exclusive 23% off for the first 23 new orders of CCTV!

The sale event will start at 6AM on Friday 23rd November 2018.

Visit our ‘Online Store‘ and order your CCTV!

The growth of Black Friday
Police officers in Philadelphia, USA, first used the term “Black Friday” in the 1950s, when large crowds of tourists and shoppers came to the city the day after Thanksgiving, creating chaos, traffic and shoplifting opportunities.

The name “Black Friday” soon grew throughout the U.S and today, it commonly marks the start of the Christmas season, where shops compete to offer the best deals.

The concept was first brought over to the UK in 2010, when online retailer Amazon, promoted a range of discounts and deals to consumers – and Britain was hooked.

Supermarket Asda, owned by the American retailer Walmart, later held its own Black Friday sale in 2013, which quickly turned into mayhem, making national headlines as customers physically fought for flat-screen televisions.

Since then, the sales day has grown year on year, although much of the shopping is now done online thanks largely to the rise of the smartphone.

Andy Mulcahy, Strategy and Insight Director at IMRG, the UK’s industry association for online retail, said the event has impacted the way we shop in Britain: “Consumers are now delaying purchases because of Black Friday.”

Black Friday Sale Event (Terms & Conditions)

The sale event is valid for 12 hours only between 6AM – 6PM and for the first 23 NEW orders.

The offer does not apply to previous or upcoming orders that have already been placed and booked with CCTV Aware.

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