TP Link – Powerline Network Plug

TP Link – Powerline Network Plug

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TP-LINK Powerline Ethernet Adapter
Imagine this; your router is on the ground floor by the front door, while the TV you want to plug your CCTV into is upstairs or in your living room. Traditionally, you might contemplate on drilling a hole on the ceiling and running dozens of yards of ethernet cables through the hole and finally to the destination, which makes your home messy and untidy.

However, this Nano Powerline Ethernet adapter kit makes your home existing socket not only a way to provide power but also a way to transmit internet connection. It saves you all the trouble and is an easy way to fix the problem.

If you’ve been recommended this adapter by our engineer, then add it to your order and the engineer will fully set it up for you on the day of your installation.

Miniature Design, Ultra-compact
With its new ultra-compact housing design, the TP-Link Powerline TL-PA4010KIT is much smaller than TP-Link’s legacy mini 500 Mbps powerline products. At just 28.5 mm thick, it neatly blends in to your domestic environment.

Reduce Power Consumption Up to 85%
The TP-Link Powerline TL-PA4010KIT, is one of a new-generation of powerline adapters, with a practical design and a sophisticated power-saving mode that consumes less power when compared with existing powerline adapters. When there is no data transmission or reception over a certain period of time, it will automatically switch from its regular “Working” mode to “Power-Saving” mode that will reduce energy consumption by up to 85%*.

Note: This item is only available for order with our CCTV Installation services and will not be sold separately. Please do not purchase this item unless you are also having a CCTV system installed by us.

Our prices are fixed, so the cost of your installation will really depend on the amount of cameras you require and the type of system.

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No, unlike other companies and products – our systems do not need a fixed IP address, thus saving you at least £5 per month from your internet provider. We use the Hikvision DDNS solution to ensure your CCTV is always reachable from your mobile device, regardless of IP changes.

For the use of Standard Definition (SD) streaming a 0.5mb service is sufficient.

For High Definition (HD) or streaming of multiple cameras at once, we would recommend anything above 2mb.

In either scenario, we always recommend using VirginMedia Fibre Optic to provide you with the best experience possible.

We’ll arrive at your home at an agreed time, usually at 8am for morning installations or 4pm for afternoon installations. If we’re held up for any reason, we’ll call you immediately.

If you require us to use unmarked vans please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

The first thing we’ll do at your home is plan the cable routing. This usually takes between 15 and 20 minutes and if it’s possible, we’d like you to be there to give us your approval.

We always do our best to hide cables and make sure the job is neat and tidy, in fact, we take great pride in it.

Up to 6 camera systems can usually be installed within a day, however larger 8+ camera systems will take two days.

If you’re having your system networked, we’ll need access to the password for your router. We don’t save these details so you do not need to worry.

We always carry dust sheets and are more than happy to remove outdoor shoes or clothing before entering your home.

All of our systems are capable of this, however this is also depending on your internet connection / router location. We will always install so that remote viewing is enabled by default.

Once we’ve completed your installation, we’ll give you a full demonstration of it’s capabilities and provide you with a complete and comprehensive set of instructions that are written in plain English.

You’re more than welcome to call us at any time after your installation should you require any assistance whatsoever.

If your system is networked, with your permission, we can change any settings you want updating remotely. You may need to provide us with access details.

There will be a small row of infrared lights around or beside the lens of the camera that cast light which is invisible to the human eye. Without this, your camera would not be able to see in the dark.